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The text from the „Acquaintance with Lithuania. Book of the Millennium. I“. Kaunas: “Krastotvarka”, 1999. C.68-74



Vincas Kudirka, LNM

Vincas Kudirka (December 31, 1858 in Paezeriai - November 16, 1899 in Naumiestis). One of the ideologists of the Lithuanian national movement, the writer of the Lithuanian national anthem. In 1889-1905 he organized the publication of Varpas (The Bell), a prohibited newspaper in Lithuanian. He guided the ideological contents of the newspaper, and edited it occasionally. One of the initiators of Lithuanian realistic satire, and civic and national poetry. He wrote works of prose and poetry, publicistic and critical articles, did translations, collected data on folklore, and arranged music. Civic and national themes prevail in his works which criticize the Russification policy conducted by the Russian authorities of that time, propagate the ideals of democracy, condemn political despotism, and arouse Lithuanian national consciousness. Besides, he was one of the most famous Lithuanian translators at the end of the XIX c. (he translated Cain by George Byron, The Maid of Orleans and Wi1helm Tell by Friedrich Schiller, Mindaugas by Juliusz Slowacki, and All Souls' Day by Adam Mickiewicz).

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